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MetLife Dental

MetLife Dental

MetLife Dental had several issues impacting their work such as not meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs), issues with attrition as well as a significant learning curve for agents. Also, the overall quality and cost were less than desirable. The largest issues for them were the low quality of their current system and that they needed cost savings. 
MetLife Dental heard about the Xerox® Automated Intelligence Technology as a recommendation from the Strategic Business Unit (SBU). 
After implementing the Xerox® Automated Intelligence Technology, MetLife Dental is now meeting “turn and quality” SLAs. The group has also observed that the tool has reduced operating cost. The most positive change after implementation was the increase in quality and cost savings. By implementing at the queue level using the 80/20 rule for the majority of scenarios, the implementation was eased in for the group. MetLife Dental plans to implement more queues moving forward. This continual enhancement of the tool will be useful in automating even more processes within their group.

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